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    NIIT Technologies Aptitude Questions: Find NIIT Technologies Aptitude Test. Practice the questions and find out how much you score before appearing for the actual Exam. Answer & Explanation. Answer: Option B. X = + Y. X + Y = 5Y . Get the NIIT Technologies Placement Papers PDF for all the topics from this article. You can Written Exam (Aptitude + Reasoning + Technical); Technical papers with answers and interview questions of NIIT Technologies. NIIT Technology recruits fresher in three of Online test having aptitude.

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    Niit Aptitude Test Questions And Answers Pdf

    In addition, examples purporting to. L10 show that there are greater difficulties in formulating theories or hypotheses in social. L11 science have no bearing on. Provide me aptitude test questions paper for the National Institute of information Attached: NIIT Imperia PAT Sample ( KB). NIIT Technologies placement papers - FREE practice questions, aptitude tests & placement papers with answers for NIIT Technologies recruitment

    An Aptitude test 20th Jan 2. Aptitude test was consists of 2 Sections. They easy in nature but each question having 8 answer very close in nature. For thi type of qus. English: - 5 questions. Mathematical ability:- 5 questions. Columns based question given. D: if detail provided is not sufficient. Quant:- Around 12 questions from quantitative aptitude.

    Questions very easy but time was less. On 20th Jan after test result declared in half an hour out of 60 students only 20 get interview call Held on next day. So here is the snapshot of the interview:ME:- May I cm in sir? INT:- yes plz. What is database how it is different from DBMS 2.

    What is record 3. What is attribute 4. What is magic table 5. What is degree 6. What E-R dig. What is generalization 8. What is cardinality? What is join? What is primary key What is foreign key, unique key. Many farmers raise chickens. The first graders were learning how to write capital letters.

    What is the capital of North Dakota? The great majority of the class will attend b. Be sure to clean the gratein the fireplace. That music greats on my nerves. I prefer to eat plain, home-cooked meals. Some people say it is a boring landscape, but I like the planes of the Midwest.

    We need to use a plane to make the top of There are holes in your socks. I found a wholeset of dishes at a garage c. He ate the hole pie. Dessert is an after-dinner treat; a desert is 2. A council is a governing body; to counsel is 3. Fair means equitable; a fare is a transportation 4.

    Site refers to a place; cite means to refer to; sight is the ability to see. Fourth refers to the number four; forth 7.

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    Brakes are used for stopping vehicles; breaks means to destroy. Led is the past tense of the verb lead; the noun lead means the foremost position or 9. A piece is a portion; peace means quiet. A right is a privilege; to write is to put words on paper; a rite is a ceremonial Stationary means standing still; stationery Mussels are marine animals; muscles are Passed is the past tense of pass; past means Lesson is something to be learned; lessen Waste means material that is rejected during a process; the waist is the middle of Hear means to perceive sound with the ear; here is a location, place, or position.

    Too means more than is needed or also; two is a number; to is a preposition that Eminent refers to a prominent person; imminent means something is about to happen; immanent means existing in the A pair is a set of two things; a pear is a fruit; and to pare is to peel.

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    A principal is the head of a school; a principle is a belief or rule of conduct. A scent is a smell; sent is the past tense of send; and cent is a coin. Bare means devoid of; a bear is an animal.

    The stairs are a flight of steps; stares are A plane is a winged vehicle; plain means Course means path or class at school; coarse means rough. There are no mistakes. The verb board means to get on an airplane; the noun board is a plank of wood or a group of advisors; the adjective bored means uninterested; the verb to bore means to make a hole in or through.

    The verb to pore means to read attentively; the noun pore means a small opening; the verb to pour means to dispense from a If someone is vain, he or she is excessively prideful; a weather vane is a moveable device that rotates to show the direction of the wind; a vein is a narrow channel, like a blood vein or the vein in a leaf.

    Capital means monetary assets; it also means the seat of government; or it can refer to the letters of the alphabet; capitol is a government building. To grate means to cause irritation; greatmeans notably large or numerous. A plain is an expansive area of flat, treeless country; plain also means characterized by simplicity; a plane is a tool used to Whole means complete or all of one thing; a hole is an opening.

    Which square is missing from the bottom right-hand 3. Which number should replace the 4. Which letter should replace the question mark? What number should replace the question mark? Which number is the odd one out? WHAT number should replace the question mark? Which of the patterns complete the series. Which number should replace the question mark?

    Add all pairs of numbers in the small circles to obtain all the other numbers 2. Each horizontal and vertical line contains 5 black and 5 white circles. In all the others, the first and last digits multiplied together from the number produced by the middle two digits. Each horizontal and vertical line of four 8. The difference between the two number in one triangle is equal to the different between the two numbers in the opposite. Each line contain the number 1 to 9 once each F the figures appear in the sequence circles, squares, triangles.

    The top figure alternates vertical stripes, horizontal striples.

    The bottom figure alternates right slanting left slanting, horizontal stripes. Start at 1 and move clockwise to alternate segments, adding 1 then 1 then 3 and so. Suppress d. Exclude d. Immense d. Prowess 10 a. Abrasive d. Compassionate Verbatim Warily d. Welcoming Deride d. Replete d. Mettle d. Acquiescent Deft Inappropriate Mollify d.

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    Lowly Honest d. Summit d. Consent d. Facsimile Thundering Indulgent d. Repose Emphatic d. Piquant d. Confirmed, definite, and conclusive are all synonyms; tentative is an antonym of these words. Distinct, explicit, and forthright are all synonyms; an antonym of these words. Premeditated, rehearsed, and calculated are all synonyms; spontaneous is an antonym of these words. Rampant, widespread, and pervasive are all synonyms; restrained is an antonym of these words.

    Flexible, supple, and limber are all synonyms; rigid is an antonym of these words. Subdue, crush, and suppress are all synonyms; provoke is an antonym of these words. Comprise, compose, and constitute are all synonyms; exclude is an antonym of these words.