Ginger Baker's Drum Book - A Comprehensive graduated approach to teaching drum techniques with particular emphasis on contemprory rock styles [Ginger. Ginger Baker: Master Drum Technique. +. Ginger Baker: Hellraiser: The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Drummer. Total price: $ Add both to Cart. is a legend. A pioneering drummer who has transcended genres. "Like a Ginger Baker drum solo, this unique autobiography is an exhilarating adrenalin rush of drama and excitement." —Record . This is a great book, who knew "The World's Greatest Drummer" could write like that! . Ginger Baker: A Drummer's Tale.

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    Ginger Baker Drum Book

    Ginger Baker isn't a true expert at pretty much anything on the drums; why would I download his book? To the OP, why do you keep asking questions. You could fill an entire book with Ginger Baker's catalog of drum fills. However, his most identifiable fills occurred while playing with Cream and. Ginger Baker's Drum Book - A Comprehensive graduated approach to teaching drum techniques with particular emphasis on contemprory rock styles by Ginger.

    User Name Remember Me? Anyone know where I can find Ginger's book? Why would you want that book, anyway? I'm sure there's a humongous amount of much more modern, useful texts out there. I hope someone can help? It's pretty much like wanting to use Carmine's book, no offense oh wait Originally Posted by Fox Maybe because, I don't know, he's one of the most inspiring drummers to ever pick a pair of sticks and has had one of the most diverse career's of any drummer I've heard of who else get's to be part of a seminal rock'n'roll group, that can hold his own against Art Blakey in a drum battle, and perform with Fela Kuti's Africa 70?!? I'd like to get into the head of anyone who could put even ONE of those things on their resume. And sorry - no clue how to get his book - just stunned by the uninformed comment. And probably tons of them have better technique, more impressive chops, immensely bigger creativity, a more particular groove. Besides, who cares who he played with?

    Last time I saw him was in Chicago about two years ago for about two days. He came to one of my shows. I was playing on a Saturday and he was playing on a Sunday. He came to one of my shows and sat in the back of the dressing room for about half an hour.

    He said a few words to me and then left.

    ISBN 13: 9780860016724

    I went to to see him at his show and went backstage and he basically told me to fuck off and leave him alone, so I went out and watched the show and said bye to him. That was about it.

    Last time I really saw him was in Colorado in I was living there for a while. That was the last time I spoke to him a little bit. Where did you see Cream play in ?

    Ginger Baker: A Drummer's Tale on PledgeMusic

    Madison Square Garden. I went to the last two shows. I went there and I saw whole bunch of people supporting it and it was a whole big thing. I was playing fusion.

    I was with Chris Poland from Megadeth. I kind of like it. It was their last thing. I like to play things different every night. You have to get really good musicians that can really improvise and really make stuff up on the spur of the moment and be good.

    Luckily, I was playing with really good people at the time.

    Ginger Baker’s Son: ‘My Dad Has Been Dead to Me for a Long Time’

    Ric Fierabracci was the bass player I was working with. He was with the Chick Corea Elektric Band. He did all the Tom Jones and Yanni stuff. He was really good. Malcolm was always reluctant. These guys were schooled musicians. He wanted to stay doing his original stuff. We did a few gigs around America and it was good. Malcolm has only been doing it for a few years, maybe five. How did Will enter the picture? We were playing a gig in London.

    This was Godfrey Townsend, Malcolm and me. Will Johns came in and sat in with us. I just knew he was a guy that played some good blues riffs. He grew up with Eric and has that kind of same style. No one else was really doing it. Malcolm plays like his dad and Will sounds a bit like Eric. It just seemed like a good thing to do. This is really the first tour where all three of us will be seriously onstage playing this stuff.

    Do you know how your dad or Eric feels about this? Jack would be behind it because Jack was always very supportive of Malcolm. But my dad, who knows?

    Does he have any redeeming qualities? Great drummer. I really love his playing. His feel was fantastic. He could definitely swing his ass off. Great musician. But as a person?

    What exactly do you think has been wrong with him all his life? I think it stems back to becoming a heroin addict. He always had a bit of an ego. My mom said that before he became a huge heroin addict he was a nicer person. But he became a junkie for like 25 years. He was a very heavy user. We love you! Heroin takes away your feelings from what I understand. I think that combination of the two made him just not give a shit. I feel like a lot of people just wrongly assume that he died years ago.

    My mom died four or five years ago. She was nowhere near, nothing like my dad. He had a good diet. He's still a bit too close".

    Baker replied, "I've a scar that only a woman who had a thing with me would know. It's there and she doesn't know it's there". In October she was sentenced to three years of "correctional supervision", a type of community service. Baker called the sentence "a travesty". Yesterday he inserted a tube into the artery at my right wrist and fed it all the way to my heart — quite an experience. He was taking pictures of my heart from inside — amazing technology He says he's going to get me playing again!

    Thanks all for your support. In , the documentary film Beware of Mr.

    Baker of Ginger Baker's life by Jay Bulger had its world premiere at South By Southwest in Austin , Texas, where it won the grand jury award for best documentary feature.

    While he became famous during his time with Cream for his wild, unpredictable, and flamboyant performances that were often viewed in a vein similar to that of Keith Moon from the Who , Baker has also frequently employed a much more restrained and straightforward performance style influenced by the British jazz groups he heard during the late s and early s.

    Although he is usually categorized as a "rock drummer," Baker himself prefers to be viewed as a jazz drummer, or as just "a drummer. I went to a Duke Ellington concert in and Sam Woodyard was playing with Duke and he played some incredible tom tom and two bass drum things, some of which I still use today and I just knew I had to get a two bass drum kit. Keith Moon was with me at that concert and we were discussing it and he went straight round to Premier and bought two kits which he stuck together.

    I had to wait for Ludwig to make a kit up for me, which they did — to my own specifications.

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    So Moonie had the two bass drum kit some months before I did.

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